Monday, March 17, 2008

Len the Tauren

Level 10?  I don't think so, it took me an hour to figure out how to pick up the water pitcher that I was supposed to deliver to Chief Hawkwind.  After finally picking up the pitcher, I delivered it and recieved 40 copper pieces and 250 experience points, thus graduating to level 2.  I was then directed to see Seer GreenTongue (I think that was his name) and given another quest.  Since it took an hour to pick up a water pitcher, it would surely take several weeks for me to kill 12 Bristlebacks in the ravine south of Camp Narache.  On the way toward the ravine, I was attacked by battleboars and killed 4 or 5.  By this time I had figured out how to open the backpack and put items inside.  My reward for killing battleboars was a tusk, pelts, and jerky.

I find it very difficult to fight in WoW because everything is slower than the PS2 that I play at home and the controls are different, however with all video games, you will be master of those controls with practice - anyone remember the joysticks, haha, probably Shawn would:)  Somebody came up to me and smarted off, too bad I didn't know how to use my battle hammer at this point, but I suppose those smart asses are prolific in the game and enjoy the anonymous ability to "be mean" to people that is normally denied in most environments, except of course public schools.  

Playing WoW was fun, but also very frustrating trying to perform the tasks on a new system, but of course, practice...practice would remedy that frustration.  I did get to tell that smart ass to quit scratchin his ass, haha.