Friday, January 11, 2008

week 1 panapticon vs web

The panaptacon has permeated my thoughts for the past few days. I've been considering the link between panopticism and technology. The surveillance inherent with web use is not quite comparable to panaptacon surveillance used as a means of keeping a certain community of people, prison, schoolchildren, workers under a watchful eye. While the community forced under the panapticon's gaze is unwilling, those within the web's gaze are very willing. I've seen myspace profile pics of women flashing their boobs to the entire world, women in thong underwear or not in any underwear at all, an international full moon ya'll:) Prolific partial or full nude pictures, willingly, for anyone with web access to see.

While a theoretical woman within the construct of the panaptacon may have been gazed upon in full or partial nudity, it would have been both unwilling and not a worldwide gaze, but only the keeper within the panapticon. That is how I see the relationship between the panapticon and internet as vehicles of surveillance.

Peace & Salmon Grease --J

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kristin said...

Thanks for the thoughts Jeanette, and you bring up one of the issues that totally puzzles me about the panopticon of the web: a simultaneous recognition yet disavowal of the gaze. For eg, my students often make me their Facebook friend--so they KNOW I can see them, yet the go on to post pictures of themselves passed out drunk, making out w/ people, etc. I have yet to reconcile these actions w/ Foucault's belief that once under surveillence we become responsible for our own subjection.

Thanks for the ideas, and in future posts, you might work to integrate some quotes from the readings. I don't say this so much for me as I do for you, in that having some summaries with quotes from texts can come in really handy when it comes time to write final papers, exams, etc. It's also good just to get in the practice of playing the "so and so said" game in grad school.

Thanks Jeanette.